sobota, 2 maja 2015

Moving On

It's been a long while since I've posted here. Since I've started this blog four years ago, you guys and gals have given me a tremendous amount of inspiration and encouragement to keep working on the 15mm modelling projects. A while ago I've moved to a Facebook fanpage as a place to show off most of my work and in the recent months I used it as a jumping point for a terrain making company of my own.

While Multiverse 15 will most probably stay as it is, my main focus is now on the Multiverse Gaming - both on the 15mm lines, and the Dark City, my pet project aimed mostly at the Batman Miniature Game players.
You can find us either on Facebook ( or on the company's own page ( - I've already seen some familiar faces over there and I am as grateful for your feedback on the MG terrain kits as I've always been for your comments and criticism on the projects presented here on this blog.

Happy gaming!

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