sobota, 2 maja 2015

Moving On

It's been a long while since I've posted here. Since I've started this blog four years ago, you guys and gals have given me a tremendous amount of inspiration and encouragement to keep working on the 15mm modelling projects. A while ago I've moved to a Facebook fanpage as a place to show off most of my work and in the recent months I used it as a jumping point for a terrain making company of my own.

While Multiverse 15 will most probably stay as it is, my main focus is now on the Multiverse Gaming - both on the 15mm lines, and the Dark City, my pet project aimed mostly at the Batman Miniature Game players.
You can find us either on Facebook ( or on the company's own page ( - I've already seen some familiar faces over there and I am as grateful for your feedback on the MG terrain kits as I've always been for your comments and criticism on the projects presented here on this blog.

Happy gaming!

wtorek, 29 lipca 2014

The Spawn of Cthulhu and a Facebook Page

I finally got myself a new workshop after some home repairs and moving, which allowed me to resume the work on some of the projects I have abandoned over the last few months. Here's the first one of the finished miniatures - a Spawn of Cthulhu:
I've also started a Facebook page on which I will share my sculpting and painting works, both private and commission ones. You can find it here:

wtorek, 15 kwietnia 2014

Stormtrooper Test Shot

I've finished the first stormtroopers from the batch I bought a month ago from Rodrick. I'm quite happy with how he turned out - especially as shading white armor has always been a massive pain in the *** for me. Also, the notches on the base of the helmet weren't sculpted on the mini, so I've decided to paint them on.
The base was made by cutting two 20mm diameter circles from 1mm plasticard, cutting away a part of the lower circle and replacing it with the granny grating. I've used a Dremel tool to make a hole for the mini in the upper circle and some putty was used to fill the gaps.

środa, 11 grudnia 2013

Batmobile repaint WIP

I still have very little time for the hobby, but I managed to do some painting recently - this time it's a WIP repaint of the Hot Wheels Batmobile that I have shown you some time ago. The car has undergone some minor modifications - I've changed the wheels and added the sculpted lights in place of the decals. The black areas will be painted NMM still just like the engine block and the radiator grill. I will also do some black glazing to tone down the light gray on the fenders a bit.
Let me know what you think!
(click to see the bigger version)

(click to see the bigger version)

(click to see the bigger version)

wtorek, 10 września 2013

15mm Joker - part 3

Here's the last update before I post the finished version - I still have to add his right foot and do some minor corrections on the legs and the crowbar, but I'm quite happy with the result. He came out a bit taller than my other 15mm minis (closer to Eureka's 18mm), but he will be quite passable when it comes to gaming. Still, I need to use my calliper more often during sculpting.
(click for the bigger version)

poniedziałek, 9 września 2013

Progress on 15mm Joker

Another WIP picture of my 15mm Joker - I'd say that it's probably the last one before I post the finished version. Following Jay's suggestion under the previous post, I added a bit of putty as his nose - I'd say that he looks much better now.
(click for the bigger version)