poniedziałek, 4 kwietnia 2011

More 15mm Mordheim buildings

No, I'm neither dead nor did I lost interest in blogging. The thing is, the conference season is at it's peak and I had to spend some time preparing my papers - leaving little or no time for the hobby. In fact, I'm leading my first-ever panel discussion tomorrow and I'm quite nervous about it. And as there is no better way to relax for me than to work on some minis and terrain - here are some new 15mm fantasy buildings, intended for Mordheim, but easily usable across variety of medieval/early modern settings. The first one is already finished, the second (a ruined inn/shop) still needs some detailing and therefore it's not even basecoated yet.
Large ruined house - front

Large ruined house - back. I'm quite happy with how the weathered wood came out here.
Ruined inn - interior.

Ruined inn - exterior.

Ruined inn - entrance details.