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More 15mm Mordheim buildings

No, I'm neither dead nor did I lost interest in blogging. The thing is, the conference season is at it's peak and I had to spend some time preparing my papers - leaving little or no time for the hobby. In fact, I'm leading my first-ever panel discussion tomorrow and I'm quite nervous about it. And as there is no better way to relax for me than to work on some minis and terrain - here are some new 15mm fantasy buildings, intended for Mordheim, but easily usable across variety of medieval/early modern settings. The first one is already finished, the second (a ruined inn/shop) still needs some detailing and therefore it's not even basecoated yet.
Large ruined house - front

Large ruined house - back. I'm quite happy with how the weathered wood came out here.
Ruined inn - interior.

Ruined inn - exterior.

Ruined inn - entrance details.

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  1. Looking good, particularly like the snapped step on the exterior staircase. It's the little details like that, that take terrain from functional to characterful.

    Any plans for some ruined furniture or suitably modelled loot/warp counters?

  2. @Qalpha - thanks!

    As for the loot/warp counters - I plan to use some Baueda supplies (http://www.baueda.com/images/lgs2.jpg) with gold-painted sand as gold for the former and neon-green acrylic crystals (like the ones here: http://thumbs.dreamstime.com/thumblarge_445/125577499635E5K2.jpg) for the latter. Both types of counters will be mounted on 20mm washers - just like the infantry models I use.

  3. WOW. just... wow.
    Love your models!

  4. Those are very nice. That worn wood did come out well. These look like they would be very easy to use in gaming for 15mm, good open dsign with plenty of room to reach into.

  5. @Lobo&Luckyjoe: Thanks!

    @Luckyjoe: Glad you pointed out the open design! At first I was a bit worried if there is enough space to reach for the miniatures - but it seems that it's not a problem. The second floor of the ruined inn is removable and I decided to not glue ladders inside the buildings for the same reason.

    But how one can make removable ladders in 15mm without things getting way to fiddly? You'll see soon :)

  6. Oh, good. I sense another sweet tutorial coming up. Looking forward to it.

  7. Gosh, this is brilliant stuff.

  8. @Peabody&Luckyjoe - thanks! I'll be back with some new stuff soon.

  9. Hey, what have u used for the roof tiles? It looks like H0 Railroad Plastic Roof Tiles. But as they have that irregular shape, it would be nice to know the manufactorer. There are a lot out there for regular shapes, but i havent found one yet for those wooden roof shindles...

    Nice Work btw! I am looking forward for some update. :)
    Some game Report would be nice as well.

  10. Excellent terrain, I also whant to know what you used for the roof tiles please!