niedziela, 12 czerwca 2011

Ain't dead yet (you still need a tray!)

Finally finished my MA thesis and put to rest some other university issues - it seems that soon I will be able to get back to blogging.

I've actually found some time last week to paint - not much, I must say, but my 15mm Warmaster armies (Bretonnia and Vampire Counts) are slowly approaching that magic 'painted 1000 pts.!' moment.

Wait, what? Warmaster? Aren't you basing your minis individually?
Actually, I do do. But as I want to play as wide a range of rulesets as possible with what I have, I've decided to put the single-based minis (20mm for infantry and 28 for cavalry) onto magnetic trays measuring 30x60mm.
Below you can see my Ethereal Host (wonderful minis from Khurasan The Great Enemy range) - when used without the tray, they make perfect Army of the Dead for LotR.

Ethereal Host (I've decided to add some simple 'graveyard' elements to all my VC trays)

...and the same minis as LotR Army of the Dead

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