piątek, 24 czerwca 2011

Han (and the Falcon)

It surely looks like 15mm Star Wars gaming will get some interest in the following months with Blue Moon releasing 15mm Space Knights and Rodrick Campbell showing some truly inspiring stuff on his blog (see Boba Fett and Space Pals) - and as a fan of Star Wars, I'm more than willing to get into this niche of 15mm Sci-Fi gaming.
A while ago I've posted a simple conversion of mine based on a figure from Splintered Light Space Team set - but as it was unpainted, it was a bit hard to recognize the character I've turned the 'not-Nathan Drake' into...
He's finally finished and there are some other SW miniatures and vehicles coming onto my tabletop soon too (as you can see on the last picture with the WIP Millenium Falcon):

We're getting out of here, Chewie...

3 komentarze:

  1. I remember this guy. Nice conversion work and painting!

  2. @Rodrick - thanks, both for kind words and an inspiration :) btw. those Space Team sets are your sculpts, aren't they?

  3. Yes, those were my work. It's always interesting seeing what conversions get done. When I sculpt I get too close to the work and usually don't see many other possibilities that it could become.