piątek, 18 lutego 2011

WIP: Some (welcome) distractions

Oh, the irony: it appears that when I finally have some time to spend on the miniatures and terrain - I can't find enough of it to post updates on a regular basis. But if you are reading this the issue has apparently been resolved and the news about me being back from the dead weren't an exaggeration.

As I was working mostly on Sci-Fi terrain and miniatures for the last month or so, I needed a distraction. I tend to get bored rather quickly if painting or modelling within a single period or army - and doing some pieces for fantasy gaming seemed an obvious way to go.

Decorflex terrain
If you happen to be in a railroad modelling shop, you may take a look at a stuff called 'Decorflex' or textured foam. These are large (12,5cm x 37cm in most of the cases) textured and prepainted sheets imitating various surfaces. A package of two such sheets costs about $6-$7 - a reasonable price, I'd say.
There are a couple of terrain projects I plan to use them for somewhere in the future (namely: a 15mm Helm's Deep) - but at the moment I decided to go for a couple of small pieces for LotR/Mordheim/Song of Blades and Heroes gaming.
But enough talking - what can these be used for?
A finished ruin next to a WIP piece (before the sand was added to it)
Ruins are an obvious choice - just cut some rectangle pieces measuring 4x5, 4x6, 4x8cm (or so) from the sheet, break off some of the stones at the edges (the sheet is thinner where the 'mortar' goes, so it breaks up neatly) and glue the walls back-to-back. Put the tiny pieces you broke on the base and cover the 'inside' (untextured) part of the wall with some PVA glue and sand. Paint, flock, varnish - you're ready to use them on the board.

All kinds of buildings can be made with this material - here's a Mordheim-style tavern I began to work on today. The doors and windows are from different H0 scale railroad accessories sets (mostly by Auhagen).


I got back to work on a Splintered Light miniature I have started quite some time ago - a giant I plan to use in my Orc army. I presume I will be able to post pictures of a finished miniature somewhere next week.

No Sci-Fi? Wait a minute...

A WIP conversion from a Splintered Light mini. Do you recognize him? :)
In the next update: Etoiles Mortant!

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  1. Very nice looking ruin. I like the way it came out. I'll have to be on the lookout for some Decorflex locally. Nice job on the conversion of the Malcolm Reynolds from SLM. :)

  2. @Luckyjoe: Thanks :) As for Malcolm Reynolds - I was actually asking about the character I intend him to be after the conversion... but that will be more obvious after I'm done painting :)

  3. very nice ruins/conversions!