sobota, 12 lutego 2011

Back from the dead: Stairways and connectors

Well, not from the dead, exactly. As I have mentioned in one of the previous posts, I had some pretty tough exams in the first ten days of February - and therefore had to commit as much time as possible to revisions, with little to no time for the hobby. But well - it's ten days later and three '5s' (or 'As' if you prefer) later and I finally can do some work on the miniatures and terrain.
So here are the first pieces I managed to finish after the break - small connector plates (4x4cm) and stairways (you can see the examples of how these pieces can be connected below):
Connector pieces. Dropzonetoe suggested on the TMP boards that I could break up the monotonous colour scheme with some danger stripes - I think they turned out quite good (but I may stick to printed ones in the future, though)

Stairways. Notice that there is no floor at the top as it allows for more possible setups.
Stairwell example.

Teams of Bauhaus Militia and Capitol Infantry fight for the bridge.

A three-level industrial tower (it measures 20x20x12cm).

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  1. Hi!

    Congratulations on the results!

    Really liking the scenics too!

    The idea of using 15mm scale stuff for Warzone is great, and one I may have to pilfer for my own uses!

    All the best!

  2. I just found your blog, even if you read mine. It's Noel from the Orkynet. I want to say I love the Warzone in 15 ideas you have, but also want to share this link to every thing Warzone in print.
    Warzone is hands down my fav scifi wargame.

  3. @Noel - thanks for kind words, I'm glad you like those Warzone ideas!