środa, 23 lutego 2011

Another 15mm Mordheim building

Painter's block doesn't let go - but I find making those fantasy buildings really entertaining, so I shouldn't complain about not doing anything about my projects... I'll probably post a tutorial on making buildings such as the one below in a foreseeable future.
Front view

Back view

Troll Slayer (Demonworld) confronting some Ork Boyz (Splintered Light Miniatures) in the ruins

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  1. Great looking ruins and figures! I'm trying to resist 15mm fantasty right now.. There is a lot of great stuff out there. The splintered light ranges are all really nice and I'm partial to the Blood Dawn Orcs.

  2. @Spacejacker: Thanks! SLM is surely the best there is but I like some of the Chariot and Eureka stuff too... not even mentioning those OOP beauties from Demonworld and Ral Partha. The scale inconsistencies can be pretty annoying, though - as much as I like the Blood Dawn orcs you mentioned, I had to drop the idea to use their archers as they seem more like 20mm scale when compared with SLM orcs.

    On the other hand - there are some really great historical minis that one can use. I plan to assemble a Warmaster Empire army using Italian Wars range from Venexia, but I guess it won't happen until I dig a bit through that lead pile of mine ;-)

  3. VERY nice, looking forward to see your tutorial!!!

  4. Thanks guys, glad you like it!