wtorek, 23 sierpnia 2011

Steam Tank painting in progress...

Last picture before I post the finished version. The hull is mostly done - although the weathering got a bit messy so it needs some retouching. The weathering may seem a bit excessive at this point, but that's the look I was aiming for - it will look better in the end, just trust me on this one :) (as always - click the picture to see the bigger version).

niedziela, 21 sierpnia 2011

WIP 15mm LotR: Gandalf the Grey and Legolas

While I wait for the putty on the steam tank to dry, I continue to work on two minor conversions for 15mm Lord of the Rings. As you have seen with Aragorn, Faramir and Saruman, I try to go for the Peter Jackson's movies looks as much as it's possible in 15mm. With Khurasan Orcs and Eureka Man-Orcs (a.k.a. Uruk-Hai) and many Viking/Norman/Late Roman miniatures (read: Rohirrim) available, it's not that hard - but sometimes, even if a certain mini is 'close enough', I want to take it even closer.

Legolas is based on the Splintered Light Miniatures Wood Elf Archer (second miniature from the left). His shoulder pads, shoe tops and gloves were trimmed down and replaced with ones made from putty. These still need some corrections, but even with the elven cloak and webbing still lacking, I'm much closer to The Two Towers look I am aiming for.

Gandalf the Grey (as seen in Moria sequence in Fellowship of the Ring) is based on the Chariot Miniatures wizard from WIZ001 pack. I've modified the end of his wizard staff, added a hand with Glamdring in it and replaced the hat so that it would resemble the movie prop more.

środa, 17 sierpnia 2011

Detailing on the 15mm steam tank continues

Added more riveted plates, gun slits (made from some H0 scale fence), shields and the inscription at the base of the hull. When finished, it will read IN SIGNO IMPERATORIS/AD GLORIAM SIGMARIS ("Under the Emperor's sign/For the glory of Sigmar").

niedziela, 14 sierpnia 2011

A glimpse at the workbench... steam tank

Just a quick WIP photo of the imperial Steam Tank. I'll post better pictures later this week when I'm finished with detailing and (hopefully) get on to painting.

piątek, 5 sierpnia 2011

wtorek, 2 sierpnia 2011

More 15mm Star Wars

I've waited long enough with posting anything new, so without further ado - the pics of my versions of Rodrick Cambpell's Chewie and Boba Fett (as always, click the picture for a larger version):
Chewbacca - front

Chewbacca - back
Chewie with my Malcolm-Reynolds-to-Han-Solo conversion
Boba Fett
And last but not least, some WIPs:
An armed Highwayman for Fallout gaming (it comes from an OOP Krush range of vehicles)

A griffon for the king of Bretonnia