wtorek, 2 sierpnia 2011

More 15mm Star Wars

I've waited long enough with posting anything new, so without further ado - the pics of my versions of Rodrick Cambpell's Chewie and Boba Fett (as always, click the picture for a larger version):
Chewbacca - front

Chewbacca - back
Chewie with my Malcolm-Reynolds-to-Han-Solo conversion
Boba Fett
And last but not least, some WIPs:
An armed Highwayman for Fallout gaming (it comes from an OOP Krush range of vehicles)

A griffon for the king of Bretonnia

6 komentarzy:

  1. very nice work on all 3, what will you do with Rodericks Han Solo?

  2. Thanks! Dan: not sure about him yet, might use him as a basis for some other character.

  3. What? How? Are these available for sale or are they custom conversions? I see where you got that Captain Tightpants mini, but Chewie and the bounty hunter?

    (I haven't even painted my 25 mm Han and Chewie yet, admittedly...)

  4. Ah ok... found them. Unlikely to be "available" to the general painting public, I suspect. Probably a wise move on the sculptor's part, to say the least. But wow, that Boba Fett is a nice sculpt, so dynamic and so detailed!

  5. Try here.
    I still have some left.