niedziela, 14 sierpnia 2011

A glimpse at the workbench... steam tank

Just a quick WIP photo of the imperial Steam Tank. I'll post better pictures later this week when I'm finished with detailing and (hopefully) get on to painting.

5 komentarzy:

  1. Faaajny! I like this scratch-built very, very much!

  2. Hey... that's pretty nice. It preserves the wacky Renaissance tech look of the original, for sure. One thing I have to say is the cannon used as a stack in the rear... still looks like a cannon. It might look better as just a simple stovepipe with a crenelated top or something.

  3. Thanks! @Allison: I meant to add a crenelated top, but I can't find the part I need in my bits box ATM... the cannon has some pretty cool details on the back, that's why I went with it instead of using just a piece of plasting tubing.