wtorek, 23 sierpnia 2011

Steam Tank painting in progress...

Last picture before I post the finished version. The hull is mostly done - although the weathering got a bit messy so it needs some retouching. The weathering may seem a bit excessive at this point, but that's the look I was aiming for - it will look better in the end, just trust me on this one :) (as always - click the picture to see the bigger version).

4 komentarze:

  1. Thant looks bad ass, I love it, well done.

  2. That looks great. I rather like the weathering as is, it looks lke this tank has sen some heavy action. They wll touch up the paint when the campaign is over. :)

  3. @Luckyjoe: I meant touch-ups at the shields, gun slits etc. - it got a bit messy :)