wtorek, 24 kwietnia 2012

First Mordheim tile finished!

I've painted and flocked the first of my Mordheim/Osgiliath/other half-ruined fantasy city tiles. You have seen it half finished here, but I think wanted to share it with you nevertheless. The piece measures 30x30cm. The bricks were cast using molds from Keebler Studios, the statues are from GW (bought separately from one of the bits shops on eBay), the whole piece was painted using Vallejo Model Color paints and canal bed was filled with artificial water from Faller. I may do some minor touch-ups with Devlan Mud wash in some of the places, but still I'm really happy with how the piece turned out.
Enough talking - enjoy the pictures!
General overview
Detail: first statue

Detail: the other statue
Faramir fighting Orcs in the ruins of Osgiliath
Averlanders fending off some undead
A Troll Slayer confronts a troll
The whole piece with the waffle block 'studs' visible.

12 komentarzy:

  1. That is absolutely cracking. Very, very impressed with that. Well done you!

  2. Beautiful work! What was the exact mold that you used for the bricks? Did you use plaster?

  3. @gaarew: Thanks!

    @timmy!: I used the Tiny Bricks Molds (no. 3, 6 and 8). I use resin for casting (with some dolomite filler the lower the cost), but I plan to use some plaster too on other pieces (it's easier to achieve the 'damaged' look with it).

  4. Stunning painting-job here! I'm waiting for more elements :)

  5. ... awesome! Some kind of tutorial would be nice about how you painted the tiles

  6. @Yori: thanks!

    @MikaM: I was thinking about doing one - will add the tutorial post on friday.

  7. it is really an amazingly good terrain.
    I agree with MikaM and vote too for a tutorial... you really have something to teach about making scenary pcs!

  8. Thanks again! As I said, I'll try to add a tutorial for painting the tiles tomorrow.

  9. Lovely stuff again.

    Where did the troll come from please?