czwartek, 19 lipca 2012

More 15mm characters: Warhammer, Star Wars, LotR

Here's another batch of miniatures that I have started to work on a loooong time ago but finished only lately as I'm trying to clean up my painting workshop a bit. As always you can click the picture to see the bigger version.
Warrior Priest of Sigmar for my 15mm Warmaster Empire army (own sculpt)
Another view of the Warrior Priest
Twi'lek dancer for Star Wars. Lekku (head tails) made from ProCreate were added to a Rebel Mini miniature from their 5150 Aliens Pack.
Legolas. Another simple conversion based on a Splintered Light Miniatures Elf.

Three members of the Fellowship rush into battle.

5 komentarzy:

  1. Very nice work, Sir! BTW: where did you acquire the magician? Thanks.

  2. @Jay: Thanks! The wizard in the last picture is a conversion from Magister Militum miniature - you can see some more detailed shots of him here:

  3. Absolutely top-notch! Well done mate :)

  4. Great stuff, love that warrior priest, will have to do a couple of those myself.