piątek, 15 marca 2013

WIP: Gotham Olympus Club

As I've mentioned some time ago, I plan to add Maxie Zeus' Olympus Club to my 15mm Gotham - with the Arkham City version being my main inspiration for the piece:
(click to see the bigger version)
There will be some slight modifications, though - the neon sign reading "Olympus Club" instead of "Gotham City Olympus", a bit different look of the Zeus statue and different number of floors (two main floors and two tower floors).
Here are the first two WIP pictures:
The first floor is taking shape (click for the bigger version)
A closer look at the Zeus statue (click for the bigger version.
The Zeus statue was made with some pieces from an Italeri 1:32 gladiator set:
 (click for the bigger version)

The body comes from the third figure in the top row, the head from the first figure in the bottom row. The beard and hair were sculpted using ProCreate putty and the lightning bolt wireframe was made from a paperclip (I'll cover it with ProCreate later).

4 komentarze:

  1. Looking great so far, but that is not a surprise. Your stuff is amazing!

  2. Goodness, that's amazing. Can't wait to see the finished result.

  3. Somewhere in this city you need to put a Cat Woman knelling on a ledge looking down at the street.

  4. It's an interesting, and challenging building choice. Nice find with that gladiator set too!

    JB: but, that would make it odd when she also shows up as a player character.