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Capitol Heavy Infantry (or: quick painting the ARC Fleet Infantry)

After a year or so, I finally got to painting the ARC Fleet Infantry from Critical Mass Games (a.k.a. Capitol Heavy Infantry for my 15mm Mutant Chronicles/Warzone project). I've decided that these are great for training my airbrush and glazing skills - you can see the result below (click the picture for a bigger version):
A 6-man squad
 The whole squad was painted in about 3 hours. After priming, all the miniatures received an undercoat of VMC Feldgrau with an airbrush, followed with two more airbrushed layers: VMC Green Grey and VMC Dark Sand. These were applied in an 0-60 angle from the top and front of each miniature, leaving the darker paint in the lower/back parts. After a wash of Devlan Mud, I've managed a quite smooth transition between the lighter parts in the front and darker ones in the back:

After that all the parts between the armor plates, the weapons and the helmet visors received a glaze of VMC Black - the minis were ready for detailing.
The visors were painted using VMC Prussian Blue, Deep Sky Blue, Light Sea Gray and White. With each highlight, two vertical lines were painted at the edges of the middle part to give an impression of light reflecting in the visor.
Using the 'zenithal lighting' on the armor as a guide, the reflections on the weapons were painted using VMC Dark Bluegray and Light Sea Gray.
A Capitol logo (without an eagle) was then painted at each shoulder plate, using VMC White, Cavalry Brown and Flat Blue.
The bases were flocked to match the rest of my collection - a coat of Graveyard Earth followed by a highlight of Commando Khaki/Karak Stone.

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  1. Wow, those look great, really like the logo and the visor, I'm going to have to try and replicate that!

  2. You make me want to buy some others ARC Fleet Light Recon... but I already have tons of them!!! Your paintjop is AWESOME!

  3. Whoa Ho! Airbrushed 15mm troops. Man...that's really fine painting, Sir. And the art work on the shoulder plate is excellent.

  4. Nice figs, and great insignia.

  5. Great results there Dis. I'm considering using glazing over grey drybrushed highlights, but an airbrush is too much overhead for me. Kudos to you sir!

  6. Wow, I'm just going to give up painting now...

  7. Beautifully done- an airbrush triumph!