czwartek, 23 sierpnia 2012

15mm Blitzer Kapitan and some WIPs

I've recently picked up an Oddzial Osmy pack of New Vistula Legion Characters. Lovely minis, perhaps a bit cartoonish but the detail is crisp and they all have a lots of character. These miniatures have only one flaw, though: they are cast in a really hard metal, so it's a bit difficult to shave off the mould lines.
One of the characters from the aforementioned pack will be used as a leader in my 15mm WarzZone Bauhaus army - a captain of Blitzers:

On the side note, here are some WIP shots of two minis currently on my workbench - Rick Deckard (the miniature is an investigator from The Department line):
...and a Beholder from an OOP ADnD Battlesystem line:
Airbrush was used to achieve the 'zenithal lightning' effect - the gradual change from brown-red at the bottom to very bright orange-red at the top is actually a part of the paintjob and not an effect of exterior lightning.

3 komentarze:

  1. Very nice work. The monster-thingy is cool!

  2. Lovely work.. I'm thinking of trying this newfangled zenithal highlghting technique soon, but not sure which figures to do it to.

  3. Thanks! @Spacejacker: I'd say that in 15mm the larger models (esp. mecha vehicles) and characters in all kinds of sci-fi armour will benefit the most from using this technique - but of course it's up to you :)