czwartek, 16 sierpnia 2012

Tutorial: 15mm Urban Planters

I've started making some small cover pieces for my modular urban board, starting with some planters.
These are really simple to make:
1. Cut the basic shape of the planter from 5mm foamboard. I've used 20x50mm rectangles.
2. Cut four strips of 1mm plasticard - two pieces measuring 10x20mm and two measuring 10x50mm.
3. Glue the strips of plasticard to the sides of the foamboard. I've used PVA glue with a dab of superglue (to make it bond faster).
4. Using an old brush, spread some PVA glue inside the planter and add sand.
5. Paint the outside of the planter. I used an airbrush with VMC colors matching the ones I used for the board itself: basecoat of Dark Bluegrey was followed with Light Sea Grey, Ivory and White. Light coat of German Camo Beige was then applied at the bottom of the planter to imitate dust.
6. Paint the sand with some light brown and wash it with watered down Devlan Mud/Agrax Earthshade.
7. Add some static grass inside the planters.
8. Glue the clumped foliage inside the planters.
9. Cover the whole piece with a coat of matt varnish.

Here  are some shots of the planters on the finished board (click the pictures to see bigger versions):

9 komentarzy:

  1. Now that's an original idea! Great modeling, Sir!!

  2. Very nice! Great idea... i'm stealing that and making some dead planters :)

  3. Thanks guys! @Mr. Harold: I'm looking forward to your version :)

  4. Genius.. And so easy. I will be ripping this off the next chance I get at my desk!

  5. Nice idea! For concrete planters you could make the sides out of 1/8" cork sheet. I'm glad to know that in the dystopian corporate city-hives of the future there will be a little bit of greenery...

  6. @Spacejacker & @Barks: thanks!

    @Allison: It's a nice idea, but I wanted a smoother finish for the pieces. And as to the little bit of greenery in corporate city hives - touche! :)