środa, 9 marca 2011

Praise for Critical Mass Games

Last month I've decided to make my first order from Critical Mass Games - I've been oogling their combat walkers and ARC Fleet Heavy Infantry for a long time now and decided that the February sale was a good opportunity to finally place an order.
Not only were the miniatures sent the next day after the payment (which is not always the case...), not only the quality of the figures themselves is exceptional, but Craig at CMG did a splendid job to make sure that everything was right with the order.
As there was a single part missing from one of the sets, he not only was quick to apologize when I've noticed them, but in a few days I've received the missing part and a bonus sample pack (which, considering I had some doubts about how their other figures would fit in my collection, was more than welcome) with shipping paid by the guys at CMG.
I know that it's probably a standard procedure - but the speed, great contact and the will to correct any mistakes made surely deserve a mention.

3 komentarze:

  1. They're good clients as well. Good folks to work with and for.


  2. CMG are good guys with very good products... :)

  3. Very fast shipping, even to New Zealand!