niedziela, 20 marca 2011

You encounter: A family of radscorpions (and some WIPs)

Once again real life is keeping me away from the hobby - with a large project at work and a deadline for conference papers coming, I had little to no time to paint this week. Nevertheless, I managed to take some pictures of what I'm currently working on - please let me know what you think! (as always, the photos are clickable)
A family of Radscorpions confronts some wasteland adventurers. The larger scorpions are Dust Scorpions from Reaper, the smaller one is from

The 15mm Warrior Priest. His right eye obviously needs some touch-ups.
An Averlander with Zweihaender. The mini comes from Venexia Miniatures landsknecht command pack - and it became one of my favourite 15mm minis ever as soon as I laid my hands on it.

Etoiles Mortants at various stages of completion. As you can see, I've decided to exchange the hand-made swords for plastic bayonets from Warzone Imperial infantry, as I had a bunch of those in my bits box.

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  1. Wow, great stuff. I love that Averlander mini, and you did a great paint job on him. That Warrior Priest is excellent. That's a scuplt you did yourself, isn't it? How about the Radscorpions? Originals you made?

  2. Thanks guys!

    @Luckyjoe - yep, the Warrior Priest is my own sculpt. The Radscorpions are actually 28mm Dust Scorpions from Reaper Miniatures and the baby Radscorpion is a mini from range.

  3. Etoiles Mortants are the best. I love your ideas :)