sobota, 12 marca 2011

Warrior Priest of Sigmar in 15mm

My order from Vexilia Ltd. has arrived on Thursday - containing mainly some of the Mirliton and Venexia infantry I plan to use as my Imperial characters in Mordheim/Warmaster/WFRP. I knew that there will be some spare weapons included with the minis, but at first wasn't really sure what to do with them. 
Seriously? No. 
When you're doing an Empire army in 15mm and you get your hands on some nice warhammer bits - there's only one way to go:
(I still need to finish the hands and add a scarf around his waist - but he's about 85% complete)

9 komentarzy:

  1. Glad the figures arrived OK. Nice sculpting too.

  2. @Vexilia Limited: Thanks! Both for the compliment and for a smooth trade, I'll definitely order more sets from you in a foreseeable future.

  3. Very nice priest looking forward to seeing more on this.

  4. I missed this somehow...
    That IS Good!

  5. You're very talented sculptor and painter. It's difficult to believe these are 15mm miniatures.


  6. Thanks Yori, I appreciate it :)