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2011 projects

15mm Martian Banshee Sergeant WIP
One of the reasons I started this blog for is that I could keep track of my various modelling projects and be motivated to make progress at them.

Even though there are around a dozen of projects I would like to get involved in, there's only a handful I can do at the time - so here's a sneak peek on what's going to be featured on Multiverse 15 in the upcoming months.

1. 15mm WarZone
There are two small armies I'm going to do for WarZone/Mutant Chronicles gaming: one being a Capitol force, the other - a Bauhaus one. Here's what they will include:
Martian Banshees squad (The Scene Battle Robots with a GZG headswap for sergeant as seen on the left; these are large minis, inteded to be a good head taller than other 15s, but I like the looks of space soldiers in ridiculously huge power armor suits - yes, Marcus Phoenix, I'm talking about you - so that's OK)
Light Infantry (Rebel Mini Earth Force Marines)
Great Grey (GZG grav bike)
Going with dark green/brown scheme for those forces (Banshees being an obvious exception) - the minis I use for Light Infantry here are going to stand in for different types of space marine grunts in my future projects.
Ducal Militia (Eureka Sci-Fi Germans as seen in the previous post)
Etoiles Mortant (Rebel Mini Black Widow Mercs with katanas and some additional armor)
GT Offroad (QRF Light Patrol Vehicle)

2. 15mm Batman and X-Men characters with rules for gaming with these
Those Rebel Miniatures supers surely give me some nice ideas... expect to see the Batman, Joker, Two-face and others here in a month or so. This project is not yet started, but the rules we're going to use are taking their shape as we speak. The most characteristic feature of them is the way the characters are activated: each player can 'focus' on a single point on the battlefield, with every miniature within 3" from the counter placed there getting a chance to act. The idea is that the characters getting to act are those that camera focuses on - and I guess we will be using those rules also for other 'cinematic' settings. Will try to post a playtest version of the rules as soon as I'm finished writing it.

3. 15mm Lord of the Rings
WIP Faramir (Robin Hood from Splintered Light Miniatures)
 A project slowly but steady progressing is my LotR collection with three main forces being developed: Uruk Hai (Eureka Miniatures Man-Orcs), Rohirrim (Vikings, Saxons and Late Romans from different manufacturers) and some main characters. The latter are probably the most time-consuming part of the project, as they are mostly either conversions or minis sculpted entirely from scratch.

4. Sci-Fi Corridor system
I know there are some ready-made available from Litko and different PDF manufacturers - but as you have probably noticed by now I can be quite picky with what to play with :-) The idea is to make a large lot of different-sized detailed 3D tiles and walls for those 'corridor crawls' every gamer wants to get into at some point (think Alien, Space Hulk, deserted Vaults from Fallout etc.). Will probably get to making those in February - at the moment I'm just planning it out and making list of needed bits and pieces. But you can already expect a tutorial on making good-looking stairways for 15mm Sci-Fi scenery (next week probably) and some pretty unorthodox use of Lego bricks.

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  1. Damn... I need more time to work on my 15mm projects... Especially Warzone...

  2. Great stuff! Looking forward to seeing more of what you get up to.
    I've been thinking about doing some fantasy stuff for SOBH, your blog is inspiring me to take it further in 2011 (as if I don't have enough to do already).. I'm thinking of getting some Hirst Arts molds to make my space corridors with.

  3. @Pietia - I need some more time too, but well - there's no way I couldn't squeeze it in ;-)

    @SpaceJacker - Thanks! I strongly recommend SOBH to you - it may seem trivial at first, but there are some pretty interesting tactical choices there. And looking forward to see your take on space corridor - as much as I'm not a big fan of hex-based gaming, those Heroscape-based terrains you came up with lately were really cool.