niedziela, 23 stycznia 2011

Work on the modular corridor system begins...

First things first. When I began planning my modular corridor system, I had to decide what I really wanted there and how the pieces should fit together.
I knew I wanted to be able to make something like those 3D Space Hulk boards that pop up here and there regurarly. Something like this:

But I knew that at some point I will like to get back to Necromunda - therefore more vertical terrain would be welcome. Something like this:
Or this:

What I came up with? This:
Not really impressive, is it? Those are the basic, 'skeleton' pieces for the board made out of - well, you're right: LEGOs. I used the Lego Digital Designer for the planning phase, and then ordered all the needed pieces in large lots of from BrickLink - it's a site where one can buy LEGO pieces for like $0.01-$0.05 apiece (rare elements can be more costly, though - but there are none in here, as you can guess). The basic set of pieces, with which I can cover an area of 50x70cm or similar did cost me around $50 - the same price tag as for the Litko space corridor system.
I am still waiting for the most important element: Technic bricks 1x1, which will allow me to connect the above elements side-to-side with the use of 'friction pins' - but I can already start working on texturing the walls and floors (see the picture below).
But here comes the coolest part - how the elements can be arranged, both side-to-side, and atop of each other:

And here's something more complicated...

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  1. @Lobo - thanks! I know it looks kinda weird atm - but after covering the floors with plasticard, adding texturing bits and, finally, painting, it should look a bit better ;-)

  2. Necromunda is a good thing in Uhh, Me Mine will have sewers and subways also.

  3. Do you have the LDD files that you had used to generate the BOM for parts? It would be interesting to see what parts you had used and order those same combinations.