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FOCUS! - first look at the rules

Father Thadeus von Edelreizker and Anton Matierewitsch Bukolov, Kislevite witch hunter, fight some undead on the streets of Mordheim

Not too much eye-candy this time - haven't had time to paint since saturday and my order from Rebel Minis haven't arrived yet, either. So, a quick glimpse on the rules I'm working on.
These are intended for 'cinematic' type skirmishes, with quick changes in situation on the battlefield and a crucial role played by the hero characters. The following two paragraphs show how the models are activated (just a quick note: those rules use a d10 die for all the tests with stats given in X+ form, that is, you have to roll X or higher to pass; the average movement rate is 4" per action; the average Aptitude is 7+ - 8+ for a grunt, 5+ for a hero)
I.                   ISSUING ORDERS
Players alternately issue one order at a time, choosing from the list below.
  1. Take an action with a character in a focus zone
  2. Place a focal point token
  3. Place a preparations token
  4. Move the focal point token anywhere on the battlefield

II.                TAKING ACTIONS
Models within 3” from any focal point (and any models base-to-base contact with them) count as being in a focus zone. A player can take a single action with any character in any focus zone.
If there is a model with a Leader feat in the same focus zone, up to two models can take actions before the player passes to the opponent. Actions of the first model have to be completed before passing to the second one.
Any model may attempt to take a last-ditch effort, ‘squeezing in’ another action(s) after the first. To do so, the model has to pass an Aptitude test. If it passes, it can take another action. If it fails, the model is caught flat-footed (see below).

The following modifiers are applied to Aptitude:
For each action already taken by passing an Aptitude test: +1
Within enemy zone of focus: +1
Outnumbered (more enemy models in the same zone of focus than friendly ones): +2

If a model fails its Aptitude test and is caught flat-footed, a single enemy model within the same zone of focus (or in base-to-base contact with the flat-footed model) gets to take an action. Regardless of whether opponent decided to take the action or not, the play passes to him.

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  1. I love the idea of focus zones and risky multiple activations. Very cool.

  2. @Spacejacker - thanks! It's actually an effect of combining the things I love the most about Commands&Colors and Warmaster mechanics.