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What's it all about?

About a year ago - pretty much around the time when it became clear that '15 really is a new 28'  - I decided to order some Ravagers from Ground Zero Games. It was to be just a distraction after the exam session: I wasn't much of a painter (even less a gamer) back then. I had read plenty of rulesets, but played not more than around a dozen of them: starting with WarZone 2ed., then Lord of The Rings, WFB, Warlord, Operation: Overlord, Warmaster, Necromunda, 5.56mm, Celtos and others. Painted around 200 miniatures, most of them 25-28mm.
15mm Bauhaus Ducal Militia (Eureka Sci-Fi Germans)

But with every single ruleset and setting I wanted to get into, the same problem arised: painting the miniatures took way too much time and playing with unpainted ones was just MEH. But starting with those GZG minis I could to spend around an hour daily on painting them and be able to field a good-looking squad for a skirmish game in 10 to 12 days. Then I stumbled upon Ganesha Games rulesets (Flying Lead and Song of Blades and Heroes), played a scenario or two with them... and well, I was hooked on wargaming back again.

15mm Troll Slayer (Demonworld/Hobby Products)
The basic idea behind the blog is to share my gaming and modelling projects with other of you 15mm folk out there. But what's it all about with 'Multiverse'?
I try to stick to one scale and one basing convention while recreating armies from different settings in 15mm. Therefore I can mix-and-match pieces of my existing collection for different rulesets. Why not use the same miniatures for Warhammer Bretonnians and for gaming HYW? Or pitch an undead warband against some of those WW2 soldiers? The same miniatures can work both as LotR Army of the Dead and undead wights, etc., etc.
15mm Aragorn, own sculpt
Last but not least: As you may notice, plenty of the stuff featured here will be based on some existing IPs: Mutant Chronicles, Warhammer Fantasy, Lord of the Rings, Fallout series... There are basically two reasons for that. Firstly, I just like the looks of Bauhaus army in Mutant Chronicles, of LotR Rohirrim as portrayed in Jackson's movies, of Fallout supermutants and raiders. Secondly, plenty of people ask - on TMP and in other places - what minis to use while recreating armies already existing in 28mm or some other scale. I hope that they will find some of my ideas here inspiring while doing their own projects.

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  1. Good idea using the Eureka Scifi Germans as Bauhaus. Oddly enough, it never occured to me to do so.

  2. @Eli - thanks! Considering Bauhaus background in MC it seemed a pretty straightforward choice to me - but other units in the making required a bit more invention.
    Next ones coming are:
    Etoiles Mortant - Rebel Mini Black Widow Mercs with katana handswaps and sculpted-on breastplates.
    GT Offroad - QRF DPV/LPV with WW2 german officer for a driver
    Mounted Hussars - Khurasan Federals with GZG headswaps, riding ERM raptors