czwartek, 27 stycznia 2011

Sci-Fi Corridor: Pipes, Tanks etc.

As promised - here's another update on how the work on the corridor pieces progresses. I've painted one of each of the basic elements (except the stairways) and took some pictures of some basic layouts made with them.
Also, as you can see in the pictures, I make an extensive use of Urban Mammoth 'Chemical Plant' kit - the thing is, I had to leave back side of the walls flat, so the pieces could be fitted back-to-back. But hollow walls would look pretty bland - and putting some piping in them seemed to be an obvious way to go...

Five basic pieces: corridor with wall (8x12), corridor with wall (4x8), 8x8 corner A, 8x8 corner B, walkway 4x12
Urban Mammoth chemical plant bulkhead (left) and The Scene vent (right) used for detailing

Closer look at one of the corner pieces. The ladders on all pieces are made from H0 scale railings (a box containing 180cm of these can be bought for ~$6 in a model railway store).

Details: vents from The Scene, riveted plates made from plasticard (see tutorial)

Pipes and drums, haroo, haroo (sorry, couldn't resist)

Tanks from chemical plant kit

Mutants advance...

A female ganger watches the corridor


Sample layout #1

Sample layout #2

Sample layout #3

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  1. Cool. I'll have to steal this idea.

  2. @John - thanks!

    @Pietia - feel free to do so :)

  3. Wow, really really cool. I've been trying to find 20mm square gridded plasticard because I'm lazy.. But it's not proving easy.

  4. @Spacejacker - thanks! As for the 20mm gridded plasticard - I know your pain. It's easy to get a 'stone tile' look by engraving the lines in the PVC sheet (see here:, but a more s-f/industrial theme can be a problem.

    I had some ideas for doing this (dropped them finally - we will be mostly playing Necromunda, Flying Lead and Warzone with those tiles, so there's no need for a grid) - will be happy to share them. I'll try to post it tonight.

  5. Wow... it's really a great setting!

  6. @Brother Joseph & Lobo - thanks!

    @SpaceJacker - I'm a bit stuck atm, will post the grid ideas as soon as I'm done with the first exam (i.e. around Tuesday).

  7. Looks brilliant! Your mutants are also a stunning paint job!