środa, 19 stycznia 2011

New version of Gut Check! at Tiny Solitary Soldiers

Spacejacker has uploaded new version of his Gut Check! ruleset - it looks very promising and I'll definitely give it ago after I pick up some Heroscape terrain.

PS Sorry for lack of content in the last few days - exam session is coming and my daily activities are narrowed down to reading more than I could possibly remember. Packages with components I ordered for the S-F corridor (or "corridor", as the tiles will be made in a way that allows them to be arranged both side to side and vertically - hello Necromunda!) are slowly starting to arrive, so I guess I will be able to post first pictures of the tiles next week.

2 komentarze:

  1. Thanks for the mention, hope you have fun with Gut Check! PS- I'm really keen on seeing what you come up with for your corridor sections, I've been thinking of doing something similar and am still weighing up my options.

  2. @Spacejacker - glad to help!