sobota, 22 stycznia 2011

Batman and Bauhaus: some workbench pictures

Real life still getting in the way - but as some of the books I have to read for the exams are available as audiobooks, I have finally managed to spend some time at the workbench. So, without further ado:
WIP GT Offroad conversion for Bauhaus army - it still needs a gun turret and a partial roof to be put there

The Joker, converted from The Scene special agent - he just needs to get his hair and the collar sculpted

Belt, logo and eyes (not mentioning the base) still need some touch-ups - but I'm almost there

5 komentarzy:

  1. Great job on the Batman. Looking forward to seeing how the Joker will come out.

  2. Thanks guys, glad you like it :)

  3. The Joker conversion is very nice; Batman could easily pass for a 28mm because of the good paintjob!!

  4. @Lobo - thanks! I should have the finished version of Joker tomorrow... the exams are getting closer and as a friend of mine has pointed out - the ProCreate sculpting mass could as well be called ProCrastinate :)