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Rebel Miniatures Superhero pack and Black Widow Mercs

A package from Rebel Miniatures arrived in my mail today. Got 3 packs of their new superhero set, 2 packs of Black Widow Mercs and 1 pack of ninjas. The ninjas have been around for quite a while, but I guess some of you may want to hear a word or two about the new packs.

The superhero set contains eleven figures, as seen here. There isn't much detail which would go unnoticed while looking at the picture from the Rebel Mini site - one exception being that the miniature on the far right isn't actually holding a gun, but its hand IS a gun.
The miniatures are consistent in size and style - with the only exceptions being a) the Magneto type (first row, second one from the right), being visibly larger not only in comparison with other minis from the pack, but from other lines as well; and b) the 'not-Iron Man', being reasonably smaller.
Sculpting-wise, these are one of the best 15mm minis I have seen - the details are really crisp (the muscles look superb!) and should be really easy to paint, especially using inks/washes. What's more, these miniatures  - while anatomically correct - seem really delicate (filigree, I'd say) with their thin limbs and dynamic poses, nothing like those big chunks of white metal one can see while getting through some older 15mm lines on the market. I'd say that style-wise these remind me of the Road Warriors or Heroes of the Sepulvedan Resistance sets from Khurasan.
There is little to no flash and mould lines are almost invisible - but that's a standard one can expect from Rebel Minis if he has seen any of their other products.
Here you can see some size comparisons with GZG, Khurasan and Eureka:

Khurasan Road Warrior, two Rebel Mini superheroes, GZG Ravager, Rebel Mini superhero, Eureka Sci-Fi German

Khurasan Road Warrior, two Rebel Mini superheroes, GZG Ravager, Rebel Mini superhero, Eureka Sci-Fi German

The above remarks also apply to the Black Widow Mercs set - but I'd say the casting is not as great here. The shoulder pads (worn by the ones without coats) and the face details seem a bit flat while compared to the superhero set - but these are still very nice miniatures, getting a B+ instead of A more because of the high standard set by the other pack than because of anything else.
Khurasan Road Warrior, two Rebel Mini Black Widows, GZG Ravager, Rebel Mini Black Widow, Eureka Sci-Fi German
Last but not least - I told you that I'm going to start working on some Batman miniatures when I get my hands on those Rebel superheroes. So here it is - a first pic of my 15mm Batman (he needs some corrections on the cape and nose, spikes added to the gloves - but I'm happy with the overall look):

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  1. Batman is a fantastic conversion!
    I look forward to see it painted!!

  2. @Lobo - thanks! I did some minor corrections and should be able to start painting tomorrow. I'm going to go with a grey/dark blue scheme, similar to what was seen in Arkham Asylum game (http://3.bp.blogspot.com/_kO-5R5B7eJ8/TLiN9GYRyuI/AAAAAAAAAHs/B6N-QawSTHg/s1600/batman_arkham_asylum_screen.jpg), with the classic black/yellow symbol being an obvious exception.

  3. that would be the Dark Knight look I really like!